Kia ora Leabank School Community,

Our School will reopen for students on Wednesday 17th November for those families who would like their child to return to school. It will not be the usual school as you know it, but rather a version of Bubble School.

The school gate will be open at 8.00 am with school starting at 8.55 am. Only children will be permitted on site so please do not try to take them to class. The only exception to this will be new entrant children who will not know where to go. We will have extra staff at the gate to assist with getting children to class. All of our staff on-site have been fully vaccinated, have provided a negative COVID test and will be wearing a face mask.

As we have done previously we will be dismissing children in three separate groups. Children walking home will be dismissed at 2.45 pm. Please leave plenty of clear space for children to move through. Children who are picked up by parents will be dismissed at 2.55 pm as normal. Children waiting for high school siblings will be released at 3.05 pm.

The back gate will be opened at 2.55 pm as usual.

Junior school classes will assemble in class groups by the Waharoa. Middle school classes will be by the mobile dental clinic and senior school classes will be by the Fale. Children will be released by their teacher when they have seen the adult picking them up. We need to observe separation which is why we cannot congregate in family groups in one place as we did before.

Parents are able to decide if they would like to send their child to school every day or keep their child at home. Parents need to make a decision based on what is best for their home. There is no pressure from the school and we will support whatever decision you make.

This time will be about transitioning into a Level 3 school environment, reconnecting children and establishing routines.

All students from Years 3-6, and adults on-site must wear a mask throughout the day except when eating.

Parents and caregivers are not to come on-site unless they have spoken to Mr Maddren first. If you need to contact the school, you must ring the office to make an appointment.

Distance Learning
Students who are not returning can work on school and Ministry of Education hard packs. Please contact the school if you do not have your child’s pack and would like to collect this for them to do at home. There will be no online lesson/ tasks set as all teachers will be working at school. Please return all school devices with their chargers as these will be required in the classrooms at school.

Ventilation Systems
Our classrooms do have ventilation systems which we will be using and we will have all windows and doors open.

No students who are unwell or have illness symptoms are able to attend school. Anyone who is unwell, self-isolating, or who has been advised by health authorities to remain at home while they wait for their COVID-19 test results, must stay home.

All students will need to sanitise regularly and wash their hands when asked. There is no sharing of food. If possible please send a water bottle to school for your child to drink from while at school.

Thank you everyone for the support of our school.

We will be doing the best we can to keep your child safe at school and to re-establish their connections with others.

Again we cannot wait to see our wonderful children.

Mr Maddren