School will operate a little differently in 2022 in order to maintain health & safety precautions and requirements expected of schools under the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Most of our changes are to allow for physical distancing and preventing the mixing of bubbles when we have larger numbers of students in attendance.


We encourage you to enrol your child/ren during the week before school starts back again .ie. 2nd February 2022. We will still need to limit access to the site to children only unless parents are enrolling children or have made an appointment. We will try to allocate children to classes before the first day. We expect to be busy the first few days and will only be able to do a limited number of enrolments at a time once school returns.


If you have forgotten or not received notification of classes for next year the class lists will be displayed in a variety of places around the school for children to view. All groups will be on the doors of the Community Centre, all classrooms will have the list on display and there will be lists available in the Senior, Middle and Junior School courtyards.


All staff working on the school site have been double vaccinated. Face coverings are mandatory for children and staff working inside from Year 3-6 but not in Years 1 & 2 at Red Level. They are encouraged but not mandatory at Green and Orange Levels.

Hand sanitisers are used at the gate, in classrooms and in ablution blocks. Surfaces such as door handles, drinking fountains and taps are cleaned at least three times daily.

All visitors must use contact tracing at all times. Masks are mandatory at Red Level but not at Green and Orange. Most visitors will come in by appointment only so that safety measures can be observed.

Windows and doors will be open to ensure good ventilation.


To start the year we need to assume that we will be at Red Level and need to work in bubbles to allow for physical distancing and contact tracing if necessary. Each syndicate of classes will have designated play areas and operate in two groups for lunch breaks and sports activities. In this way, we will have at least six separate bubbles across the school and much less clustering together during break periods. Should there be a case of COVID-19 within the school we will be able to limit the number of students who may be close contacts.

We will revise things as the settings change.


Before school, we will be manning the gate. Parents will need to drop children off at the gate and will need to make an appointment to enter the site. The only exceptions will be New Entrant children or new enrolments who will not know where to go.

As we have done previously we will dismiss children in three separate groups.  Children walking home will be dismissed at 2:45pm. Please leave plenty of clear space at exits for them to move through.  Most children are picked up at the end of school and this will remain at 2:55pm. Junior School classes will assemble in class groups by the Waharoa. Middle School classes will be by the mobile Dental Clinic and Senior School classes will be by the Fale.  Children will be released by teachers when they have seen the adult picking them up. We need to observe separation which is why we cannot congregate in family groups in one place as we did before. Children waiting for High School siblings will be dismissed at 3:05pm.


We will be phasing in a new school uniform in 2022. The previous supplier will no longer sell our uniform. The new uniform is available from our new supplier Global Velocity. We will hold some samples at school so that the appropriate size for each child can be ordered. These will not be for sale as they will be needed by other people as well. The uniform can then be purchased online direct from the supplier who will ship the order each day. We will have a device available for you to use. The existing school uniform can continue to be worn until the children outgrow it or a new one is needed.