Returning to School in 2022

Dear Parents and Whanau,


Leabank School is excited to open for all students on Wednesday 2nd February. Teams have been working hard to ensure that we can operate safely and follow guidelines at Red Level while also ensuring high standards of education.

We will be restricting adults who do not need to be on site. We want to keep all our students safe and ensure that their school routines and learning proceeds with minimal risks. School drop off will have our Leadership Team checking student health, sanitizing and supporting our students into the classroom. Gates will open at 8:00am for students.

Children will work in class bubbles. They will have morning tea, lunch in their bubbles and will not be cross grouped together for learning.

Children are expected to sanitise regularly, wash hands, follow hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette. Any student who is unwell or displays any covid symptoms is not to attend school. Children will be dismissed at different times at the end of the school day. Those children walking home will be dismissed at 2:45pm. Children being picked up by an adult will be dismissed at 2:55pm and any children who are being collected by an older sibling from James Cook will be dismissed at 3:05pm.

There is some misinformation about vaccination of students. No students will be vaccinated without parental consent and a signed consent form. We do not have a school vaccination site set up at school.

We are working hard and mitigating any potential risks to ensure our school is open and remains open. Plans may change and we will inform you of these updates as soon as possible when they do. As always, Leabank School follows the guidance from the Ministry of Education.

We are hopeful for the year ahead. In the meantime, we cannot wait for Wednesday 2nd February to start our year. We are so ready! You can contact our school office via email or phone 2676939 if you have any further queries


Take care,

Mr R. Maddren
School Principal