Planning Period 1 Planning Period 2 Planning Period 3 Planning Period 4
Topic Times, they are Changing It’s Alive  Caretakers of the land The Power that Moves

Big Idea

Events in the past have created the present and influenced our future. Living things interact with each other and the environment People have different relationships with the environment they live in. Forces affect our everyday lives.
Major Strand

Continuity and Change

Culture and Identity

Government and Organisation

Living World

Place and Environment


Physical World
Future Focus Citizenship Sustainability Globalisation Enterprise
Team 1/2

Class Treaty & Linked with the Treaty of Waitangi

Myself-Where I live

Our Country

Our Flag

Our Family

Minibeasts Houses and Structures of the Pacific: Compare materials, tools and climate

Simple Machines

Moving Loads

Movement, Wheels and Transport 

Team 3

Te Titiriti O Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi

Ko Au Ko  Manurewa

Early Settlers of New Zealand: Tangata Whenua

The Animal Kingdom 

Local History linked with the Pacific Nations (Geography) 



Capital cities

Main  Landmarks

Team 4

The Treaty of Waitangi

Ko Au, Ko Manurewa

 Pacific Voyagers 

(Migration to NZ)

Endangered Species

(NZ Native Birds and Animals)

Geography – Oceania Simple Machines
Achievement Objective Coverage

20% Science

60% Social Science/NZ Histories

20% Technology

60% Science

20% Social Studies

20% Technology

20% Science

20% Social Science

20% Technology

60% Science

20% Social Science

20% Technology